Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

And a word on: Purchasing a Pet

Ok, i have made a decision to purchase a pet, but no like a dog or something, i want something that can be a mate as well, sit back with etc. Well i thought of the perfect pet, a helper monkey. i got the idea from this website: http://www.helpinghandsmonkeys.org, they train monkeys for the disabled, but all i have to do is go steal a trainined monkey from the business, i mean its not like they can chase me, assuming there staff are all in wheelchairs as well, which is highly unlikely...
anyway, been thinking of names for the little fella, but i think im going to go with Craig, maybe Brett, but has to be some Aussie name.

think of the possibilities of owning a helper monkey, its fucking genious, im going to take him in town and he get my drinks, and pick out ladies to say hello to. im going to teach him to talk as well, and he is going to wear a nappy. Man im going to get so lazy, he is going to feed me, bath me, dress me, tuck me in bed at night and hopefully read me a ned time story. rar ri rarr rroor rarr arir ahaha aarrhgh ahrrhghg

And a word on: Dickhead boat drivers

So there we were, on the lake, wakeboarding our arses off in this water that was so smooth you get a pefect reflection of yourself on it. Its an awesome feeling cutting off the wake onto mirror like water, and when i say cut, i mean elbow in the water cut. Anyway, i want you dumb people who drag donuts around to read this blog and learn a god damn lesson.
1. If you are pulling a donut with people in it (if you were pulling a donut without people in it im going to be more pissed off), you should take it out away from the smooth water. The smooth water is hard to find, and should only be reserved for skiers and wakeboards, but donuters, please go away some where and stop pissing the rest of us off by hanging around our area. Jerks
2. People fishing, ok, i enjoy a fish as well, but for fucks sake, dont sit in an area where you can clearly see people are trying to wakeboard or ski. there is 1 massive bloody lake, and you decide to use an area that will piss everyone off.

Ok, so play your damn silly games ya barsteds, i dont care. But dont fucking winge when we wake nice and close to you, and for your donuters, where going to take up most of the area by coming right at ya.

you know whats funny, wheres my washboard?

Thursday, January 05, 2006

And a word on: Religion

A touchy subject, some will disagree with me, and im sure some will partially agree. But religion is becoming a problem and alot of bad $#%^ thats going on in the world can somehow be linked to it. I went to church with my family on new years eve, and just sitting there listen to the catholic priest dude talking and preaching about how jesus died and rose again, to be honest i felt like i was in a cult gathering. It all sounded like children stories. The christian religion is one of the most aggressive religions, and i say this because you always feel as thou they pressure you into joining and believing they are the correct religion. Then you got the religion that those suicide bombers from IRAQ believe in, they dont do it to try and proove they are correct, they do it cause they think by blowing the $^%# out of themselves they are going to heavon. CRAZZYY!!! I dont know, i cant help but wonder what the world would be like without religion, but all honestly it wouldnt work because relgion brings hope to people who are scared of what comes next when we die, and some christians are so devoted to there faith they convince themselves that because they believe in God etc they will be forever happy after death. Usually i have found that people like this you cannot have logical arguments with, as they will swear by there faith, and everything else is crap... thats religion for you. In the end, no one knows who right or wrong, no one knows what happens after death, no one will know until it happens, and i personally think its wrong to not be open minded to all religions, rather then focusing on one and never believing in anything else. Please people let me know what your thoughts are, i have toned down this blog compared to my other as i know alot of people have been offended by me in the past, i have even got 1 blog shutdown from the FBI...crazy

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

And a word on: Mohammad Jihads

This blog entry has been shut down by order of FBI. How they found it I got no idea, but I recieved an e-mail telling me to shut it down or action would be taking. The email looked real enough so im not going to risk it.

America's way of keeping the peace? haha, yeah they would know all about that! I mean im not aloud to say what i think, but there aloud to go blow the shit outta inocent people in other countries.

Pretty messed up really...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

And a word on: People on the Dole/Welfare

Well, I read in the paper a while back about a group of people that were protesting against the government for making them work for the dole (in America i think its called welfare)... anyway this pissed me off. Their argument was they were already under enough presure from society to get a job, that they didnt need the added stress of having to work and search for jobs at the same time. Well the hell with that... average hard working people like us who do work to pay taxes for these unemployed expect a little in return, well I know I do... so if your going to protest about having to try and find a job, then im going to protest for letting you have the dole/welfare. So whats left? well dole bludgers, would you prefere to live on the street? yea didnt think so, so shutup, get a job and make something of yourself. And anyone who uses that bullshit excuse "its harder then you think", well bullshit to that, go scrub shit off toilets if you have to, do society a favor, get a brush and start scrubbing.

Thanks for all the comments on the fat article, was interesting on seeing different opions... please let people know of this blog and leave constructive, but yet not to "SERIOUS" comments, as this is an open blog and you can say whatever the hell you wish!!!

And I would quickly like to thank Silverfox for his article on this blog, its great to see this blog getting around and open in the public, so thanks heaps mate!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

And a word on: Fatties

Had this on my mind for many years now, especially when McDonalds started getting healthy because people were taking them to court... so I want to get my say in on what I think of fat people... *** CAUTION IF YOUR FAT DONT READ THIS ***

I see it like this, there are 2 types of fat people - Firstly, the fat person who accepts there over weight and try and do something about it - I have respect for these type of people because there usually friendly, Secondly, the fat person who is over weight, gets pissed off and takes shit to court, these types piss me off.
How the hell can a fat person take McDonalds and other fast food business’s to court because they ate there product and got fat? And the scary thing is, these people (if you call them "people", there more like something Hercules would have fought in the medievil ages) get away with it, WHAT THE $#@$!!! Well you know what, if you dumb enough to eat that crap anyway and expect it not to effect your health, you deserve to be fat, so fat that you need to be lifted outta bed for a $#$#ing crane. And fat people who are like this also have this bullshit angry at everything attitude, well you can loose that shit as well fatty, because you have an eating problems and need to deal with it before taking it out on society... this really pisses me off!!!

"I'll have a large big mac meal with a large chocolate thickshack" Say please you fat piece of overweight smelly crap!

Monday, September 26, 2005

And a word on: Work Collegues

Ok, so everyone works with these people who think because they have been with a company longer then someone else they have direct power over there day to day functions... well if your one of those dicks who think they can get away with this shit, then think again arse face. Some people need to learn that every employee has 1 direct manager (sometimes more than 1 but...) So if you think your the manager because you have played with the CEO's balls longer then someone else, go home you rat piece of crap, you dont belong or ever will. These people PISS ME OFF serisouly, yes they do.

Come on everybody, do the robot - zzzz aarrrrggggg zzzz mmmbbbzzzzz

And a word on: Politicians

Dumb arse politicians with there dumb arse all comment but no solution atitude, its a joke and pissess me off. There all the same, same dribble, same shit running outta there mouth. A problem will arise that needs dealing with, and then the idiots awaking and start there bullshit speeches on how it should have never been like this, or how it needs change, or point out whats wrong with a system and offer no solution to the problem at hand, but insted just crap on. Pisses me off... you all need a bitch slap and start working together to deal with problems...

John Howard needs to stop playing with George's Bush's balls and start playing with Australia's... if that makes sense?